slap punch toot ^^
from the best 3rd grader ever^^
new go to show ^^ of my favorite things to do when I have free time is:___read/stretch. or if im in the energetic spirit bike rides... I miss those a lot___.
2.when I have freetime I tend to:___eat more, do less.. &netflix it up! bad habit I know___.
3.if I have an entire day completely to myself I would:___go run (mayb?), hit up 23rd st for shopping, powells/or library all day, take in thai food, attempt to knit & fall asleep to an alfred hitchcock movie I'll have to rewatch___.
4.I prefer to spend my freetime (alone/with others...):___w/ others. I alwys loved having company even if there is silence & we're doin our own thing. I alwys thought it to be really pleasant___.
5.most of my freetime happens:___to coincide with deadlines, aka. college, school, scholarships deadlines. you know the thing that takes up 1/4 of our lifetime SCHOOL___.
6.the bestthing abour freetime is:___letting your thoughts wander; it is a lovely feeling also___.
7.the nexttime I have freetime I should prbably:___get errands done___but instead, I'll probably:___only finish one errand &spend the rest of my time dazily listening to new music and try to cook/clean__.

back to school they go. missing brothers again
xo anna

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