I love looking for new music, but I don't discover favorites a lot. 
so I present you: with a selection of my old favorites..
so click play! enjoy

( like the background? buy this painting from michelle. )

^^ inspo notebook via phone camera ^^

p l a y l i s t ...
fade into you - mazzy star
no one's gonna love you - band of horses
dream world - majical cloudz
hanna's theme (vocal version) - the chemical brothers
let it be me - ray lamontagne
tonight - lykke li
throwing hail marys - gypsy death star
california sunrise - dirty gold
skinny love - bon iver

check out the rad music here 2x a month..  yeah?
ps. does anyone know how to have an 8track playlist play automatically? Im a newbie.



"Non-violence, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain."
-mahatma gandhi
(leader of the passive resistance movement against English colonialism in India)

idiosyncratic adj id-ee-oh-sin-krat-ik

1. peculiar to one person
2. highly individualized

ex: some of our best minds are idiosyncratic and unpredictable when pursuing scientific investigations.

check it out

ooh   l o v e   that pale ivory green dress above. and the dance poses.
In general I just really really like this issue.
thx miss jaclyn!

sometimes I love/hate being young. so much possibility. I want to create more things, take more photos, meet more people, and go to oh so many more places, though I do try at school, it tends to feel more like it gets in the way.

meanwhile, I hope to share all these things here
so bear with me?


"Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it."
-malcolm x (minister/human rights activist)

harangue noun he-rang
def: 1. a ranting speech or writing
2. a speech addressed to a public assembly
ex: he launched into a long harangue about poor customer service without realizing that I wasn't even an employee.

alison scarpulla takes pretty amazing photos yeah?
song: dream world, by majical cloudz


"believe in yourself ! have faith in your abilities ! without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."
-norman vincent peale (clergyman/author)

germane adj ger-may-ne
def: 1. relevant & appropriate
2. fitting
ex: my personal opinion isn't germane to our discussion.

song: hanna's theme by chemical brothers

just a bit of pretty to make the eyes happy


"accept the challenges, so you feel the exhilaration of victory."
-general george patton
(u.s. army officer best known for his leadership in WW2 and for his controversial outspokenness)

galvanize verb gal-ve-nigh-ze
def: 1. to react as if stimulated by an electric shock
2. to stimulate on excite as if by an electric shock
ex: Abortion is an issue that will galvanize public opinion.

your laugh

your laugh
everybody knows it
the kids in the park run up to us
and ask to hear it

part cackle
part typewriter

it even makes
you laugh.

you do it
for the runaway shake
for the drumbeat in your belly
for no reason at all.

it is not a consequence of joy
it is the very rumble
of joy itself.

1. 1960's new york skating... I love love love life mag photos
2. cant really skate..yet if i were to ever rebuild a board (watch video above)... politely borrowed from driftwood collective
3. photo source: life archives via interweb3000
4. song: can we really party today (acoustic version) by jonathan wilson

xo, anna
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