"believe in yourself ! have faith in your abilities ! without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."
-norman vincent peale (clergyman/author)

germane adj ger-may-ne
def: 1. relevant & appropriate
2. fitting
ex: my personal opinion isn't germane to our discussion.

song: hanna's theme by chemical brothers

just a bit of pretty to make the eyes happy


tasha faye said...

my eyes and ears are very happy indeed! <3 hehe. thank you for always sharing all this beauty. so lovely xxxx

indie by heart said...

Aaww, such great photos.
I ♥ your blog, every time I visit it makes me happier.

And again, lovely song on the background ! ^^ hehe.

Thank you for stopping by sweetie!
Have a lovely day,

- Indie by Heart

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