I love looking for new music, but I don't discover favorites a lot. 
so I present you: with a selection of my old favorites..
so click play! enjoy

( like the background? buy this painting from michelle. )

^^ inspo notebook via phone camera ^^

p l a y l i s t ...
fade into you - mazzy star
no one's gonna love you - band of horses
dream world - majical cloudz
hanna's theme (vocal version) - the chemical brothers
let it be me - ray lamontagne
tonight - lykke li
throwing hail marys - gypsy death star
california sunrise - dirty gold
skinny love - bon iver

check out the rad music here 2x a month..  yeah?
ps. does anyone know how to have an 8track playlist play automatically? Im a newbie.



Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I love Ray LaMontagne! My iPod wasn't functioning for weeks, but I finally got it to work again, been playing his music non-stop:)

No experience with 8track, sorry!

Nice playlist!

Megan said...

I LOVE Bon Iver... great playlist :)

Have a great weekend! And I love the name of your blog by the way, I'm a huge bird fan.

tasha faye said...

yes yes and yes! your music taste and mine are sooo alike. <3 thanks for the playlist! i'm usually so lazy to compile my own hehe. also, have you heard songs by Dead Man's Bones? they are amazing... and it's Ryan Gosling's band so it can't be bad. ;) xxxx

Admirably Pretty said...

Lykke Li ♥ And Skinny love is such an amazing song!

Xo, Imke

Leila and M. said...

PERFECT PLAYLIST! Bon Iver and Band of horses are my favourites one :)

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