check out these men in film... paul newman is a personal favorite :)
don't know him? he's on all the lemonade cartoons haha

"the marvels of daily life are so exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street."
- Robert Doisneau

cordate adj KAWR-deyt

def: 1. heart-shaped
2. (of leaves) heart-shaped, with the attachment at the notched end

ex: Despite their strong and interlinked root structure, the actual flowers were of a lowly order, though, canted towards the sun, they attracted the cordate butterflies. -- Brian Wilson Aldiss, Hothouse
Without any wind blowing, the sheer weight of a raindrop, shining in parasitic luxury on a cordate leaf, caused its tip to dip, and what looked like a globule of quicksilver performed a sudden glissando down the center vein, and then, having shed its bright load, the relieved leaf unbent.
-- Vladimir Nabakov, Speak, Memory
Related to core, cordate comes from the Latin word for heart, cor, and the suffix -ate which forms an adjective from a noun.

the wonderful things 

She was in her eighties when I met her
long grey hair in a bun
sprigs of lavender tucked behind each ear
she said it was good for her memory
made her remember
the sweet moments.
She made pots of tea for us children
chipped little cups of boiled mint and honey
read the leaves at the bottom of each one
with great seriousness
divining the adventures we would go on
love stories and elephant rides.
She never worked
waited for her husband every evening
he was the night-shift bookkeeper
he rode his bicycle home
in a suit and tie
the children long since fed and tucked in bed
she fed him dinner
and sat across from him
with her knitting
while he ate
and asked about his day
the same way every time
tell me the wonderful things.
Many years later
after they had both died
I learned they were hidden
two young Jews
the delicacy of new love
grew in the cracks of the savagery.
She made him promise her
if the world was returned to kindness
that he would save every tendril
of joy from every stolen day
and bring it home for her.
She seemed so magical to me
I never knew
how close the darkness
danced and how fervently
she worked
to be reminded
of light.

1. thank you online browsing.
2. the french sure do have spirit.
3. robert doisneau is a street photographer I found after much blissfully unaware browsing. his litter of 1940s/1950's street photos are amazing.

xo, anna


"Be careful of the curse
that falls on young lovers.
Starts so soft and sweet,
and turns them to hunters."

 laura makabresku
Alice in Wonderland.
girl that was brought up by swans
winter sleep
about Laura

"It was cold, winter morning. I observed through the window how she got out of the cab. I opened the door and for the first time I saw her gentle eyesight - eyes cold as they were a frozen ocean. Then I allowed her sleepy body to lay down on my bed. Through the lens I followed her sad dreams."

fairy tale about a small girl who slept in the woods and woke up being overgrown by moss and mushrooms. now she is a part of the woods.
winter sleep
christmas in fairy land
winter tale (about a girl who bears winter in her heart)
love letter

fraught adj frawt
def: 1. filled or charged with
2. full of
3. accompanied
ex: the task was fraught with danger and risk.

winter bird
the girl from fairy tale where always is winter
she's like a winter bird
sunset with Joanna

 1. say hello to laura makabresku's lovely photos. I have to admit I spent way too much time on her flickr.
2. song: concrete wall, by vee avi. she's malaysian (!!) and sings even better live here.

3. like my cat eye glasses?
4. I just want to take time to appreciate:
-- this beatle's poster my mom came home with one day
-- this rageway tank top from my brother he gave me as a road trip souvenir. 
I'm always obsessed with wearing comfortable clothing, especially when the clothes your wearing have meaning. who said clothes are just material things?



"life is full of obstacle illusions."
-grant frazier (author, business executive)

Eternal Requiem - VISION China
Eternal Requiem - VISION China
Dans La Vie
The dream becomes me.

gallant adj guh-lant
def: 1. brave, spirited, nobleminded
2. chivalrous
3. stately; grand
ex: sir galahead was a gallantly knight.
ex 2: the Rose Parade is a gallant spectacle.

Deadly Chair of Moros

Amor Sempiternus for Ligature magazine issue3
hand tinted images for VOLT magazine with beautiful Ellen Gibbons @ Elite​p=8595
Eternal Requiem - VISION China

1. aren't these watercolored, tinted photographs by paulina surys so hauntingly beautiful?
2. song: werewolf, cocorosie. my brother recommended it to me. It's supposedly "freak folk". but seriously, wtf is this music? more importantly, I kind of like it?
 3. have you seen step brothers? (ps. excuse the profanity)


eff one, marry one, kill one... go:

(left to right) marry nick lachey, fuck mario lopez, kill ryan seacrest (his voice agh)


4. have a good weekend.


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