And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely of places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. 
-roald dahl (british novelist, short story writer, fighter pilot, and screen writer)

 this week I discovered something wonderful.
say hello to tasha.

tell me a little about yourself.
I am 18 this year and I'm from Malaysia. I am a wanderluster with a passion for photography, it consumes me.

three words that describe your work?
inspiration, love, metamorphosis.

who/what inspires you?
my first and biggest inspiration to photograph is Nirrimi Firebrace! many other young photographers too, like Natalie Kucken, Taya Iv, Emily Tebbetts. of course, the many elements in my life influence me as well, probably the most.

congrats on your first job! being a young photographer, do you have any ambitions /or goals?
thank you so much! :) to be honest, everything is just a blur to me right now. there is only one thing that is certain; I'd want to photograph for all my life, live and love through it.

if you had one wish it'd be (you can't wish for more wishes)... 
if I had one wish, I'd wish to be able to see all of the world, starting in a few years' time!

quintessential adj kwin-tuh-sen-shuhl
1. of the pure and essential essence of something
2. of or pertaining to the most perfect embodiment of something
ex: he was the quintessential professional, dignified and gracious, a quiet hero.

where do you see yourself in 6 years?
in 6 years' time, I hope to have found my love, seen and experience so many wonderful things on my travels and be purely happy and photographing. :)

tell us more about why you chose the quote above.
that quote is my main philosophy for photography, to have our eyes open wide all the time. to observe is a quintessential part of living. I have noticed, especially lately, I tend to melt into the daily routine and not see so much anymore but then one little, lovely thing reminds me to see and suddenly, the want to photograph rushes through my veins. :) it's the best feeling in the world!

1. thank you for letting me feature you tasha! check out the rest of her photos here.
2. if you want to be featured and you have some pretty-looking photos, don't hesistate to email me :)
3. song: tonight, by lykke li
4. have a wonderful week!


AndréiaFSalim said...

I loved, lovely!

Louise said...

Her photographs are always stunning! I like the word quintessential, never heard of it but it's quite.. interesting.

EvaMae said...

All are beautiful, but the first and last are my favs!

tasha faye said...

ahhh, thank you so so much! i think this made my week. <3 i love how you put the post together. thank you for wanting to feature me, Anna. :) also, i discovered this Lykke Li song through here. what a beautiful one. have a wonderful week, love! xxx

kimberley said...

I absolutely adore tasha's work. such a creative and free spirit <3

Mr J said...

Amazing photos. Your blog is cool, thanks for visiting my blog. Following!

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