"there is a sacredness in tears. they are not the mark of weakness, but of power."
-washington irving (essayist, historian , novelist)

Au milieu coule une rivière

forbearance noun fawr-bair-uhns
def: 1. patience 2. leniency 3. restraint
ex: the officers showed considerable forbearance in dealing with him, despite instances of unacceptable discourtesy on his part

ode to crocus

delicate white head
I almost missed you
looking up at me
thin and new
in the snow

at first I am giddy
the bounce of you
the hopefulness

I feel your pride
first in line

but then I think
of the warm spell we just had
the trick they played on you
lured you from your slumber
too early

I want to warn you
the stomp of snow will return
you won’t last

but instead I walk past you
all week
exclaiming each time

what a brave little flower

hoping that when the snow lands heavy and cold
you will think to bend over
and bow.

tiger of sweden

1. like how I threw in the picture of roses? (photo 2) yes I am very happy how my photo turned out!
2. song: funeral, via band of horses... an old favorite
3. going on a roadtrip this weekend... more specifically a five hour car ride north to surprise a SIBLING I miss dearly... did I mention I'm extremely excited? the only way to annoyingly express this is through a million exclamation points which I refuse to do.
So let me repeat: ROADTRIP. take my word for it, I am very excited ... :)



AndréiaFSalim said...

Your blog is always so wonderful !!!:))
I loved this post !!!;)

Mr J said...

Love the photos. Amazing, and the song you have is awesome too!

AndréiaFSalim said...

Thanks for the comment!
I liked the photos and the beautiful MESSAGES! :)
Have a great weekend!


lovelace said...

Awesome post, awesome photos!!! Your blog is like little virtual oasis!!! Totally like it!!! Stay cool & have a great time at the roadtrip!!!
Cheers & lots of fun

indie by heart said...

Beautiful photos.. Really lovely post. <3
Thanks for the comment! It was so sad that no one took photos of the little fashion show I attended, atleast I think so.. There were only two other models, so it wasn't a huge "show" :) But too bad there wasn't a photographer, could have been fun to show you my outfits!

Indie by Heart

tasha faye said...

these photographs are all so stunning! <3 such beautiful talent. i love finding new photographers through your blog. xxx

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