"Swallow a loss and learn a lesson"
chinese proverb

you play peekaboo
and you think
for that moment
you are invisible

we play along
of course
we compete
to be the most surprised
when your hands fling off your face

and so it makes sense
that you are afraid of the night

we have led you to believe
a hand closes over the world
and makes all that was familiar

 coruscate verb (used without object) kawr/kor-uh-skeyt
 def: to emit vivid flashes of light / sparkle / gleam / scintillate
ex: a classic car from the 1950s, replete with yards of coruscating chrome

one of my all time favorites from vogue.

1. Im backkkkk from the roadtrip. sorry for the late post. since I use film 24/7, you all will have to wait til I get them developed. nothing comes out the way I like it so I probably won't post it. agh so annoying (...)

2. like what you're hearing? download yellowbirddd's free song: when you're away.

3. its thursday (almost friday) im preparing a scary post for tomorrow :)
happy thursday!



indie by heart said...

Great photos.. Nice post :>

Indie by Heart

tasha faye said...

so, so, so breathtaking. <3 thank you for sharing these, Anna! :) part of why i love this shoot so much is because of its photography. i love how there's so much love and passion and creativity in each of these photos. xxx

Sydney L. said...

wow this is fantastic

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