"accept the challenges, so you feel the exhilaration of victory."
-general george patton
(u.s. army officer best known for his leadership in WW2 and for his controversial outspokenness)

galvanize verb gal-ve-nigh-ze
def: 1. to react as if stimulated by an electric shock
2. to stimulate on excite as if by an electric shock
ex: Abortion is an issue that will galvanize public opinion.

your laugh

your laugh
everybody knows it
the kids in the park run up to us
and ask to hear it

part cackle
part typewriter

it even makes
you laugh.

you do it
for the runaway shake
for the drumbeat in your belly
for no reason at all.

it is not a consequence of joy
it is the very rumble
of joy itself.

1. 1960's new york skating... I love love love life mag photos
2. cant really skate..yet if i were to ever rebuild a board (watch video above)... politely borrowed from driftwood collective
3. photo source: life archives via interweb3000
4. song: can we really party today (acoustic version) by jonathan wilson

xo, anna


Sydney L. said...

the skating thing with three people is awesome

indie by heart said...

So great photos ! We see this very rarely these days, too bad.

Thank you for stopping by ! Yep I always enjoy your posts. ANd your music aswell, great one playing on the background right now.. what is it? ^^

- Indie by Heart

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