"Non-violence, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain."
-mahatma gandhi
(leader of the passive resistance movement against English colonialism in India)

idiosyncratic adj id-ee-oh-sin-krat-ik

1. peculiar to one person
2. highly individualized

ex: some of our best minds are idiosyncratic and unpredictable when pursuing scientific investigations.

check it out

ooh   l o v e   that pale ivory green dress above. and the dance poses.
In general I just really really like this issue.
thx miss jaclyn!

sometimes I love/hate being young. so much possibility. I want to create more things, take more photos, meet more people, and go to oh so many more places, though I do try at school, it tends to feel more like it gets in the way.

meanwhile, I hope to share all these things here
so bear with me?


Louise said...

I love this. I especially like the last quote/picture. It's so damn true, and I should remember this because it's important.

And I like the very first quote.

Your posts always seem to inspire me to do something more with my life. :)

indie by heart said...

Adorable photos.. Really ethereal, beautiful. :)

- Indie by Heart

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome post! You have a great eye :)

Love your blog, I'm following you now will you follow me?

Hybrid Hunter

modelovers said...

Love them all! Great Post!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.

Maybe we can follow each other? :)


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tasha faye said...

this is so right for me right now. aahhh that whole picture/quote thing is amazing, made my eyes light up. the little worlds in me came alive just a little bit again. and this whole post is just beautiful, what with the black keys and the pretty, delicate series of photos. xxxx

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