I believe mister ray's voice can soothe any soul

2012 is almost heere. oh how I wish this wintry blue snowland would find its way to my home
 sources landscapes. ballerina. & crow.

" heart is smiling.." -e. roetker (student,,average blogger, bestfriend)

1. the best way to spread christmas cheer:  __of course, singing loud for all to hear_:)___.
2. the thing i love most about christmas: ___no work. just fun! whoop whoop!__.
3. the holiday season is a time for: ___feasting on food nom__.
4. my favorite thing to eat at the holidays is__pumpkin pie. must eat of the season for me. from autumn to the new year <3__.
5. I spent christmas: ___opening presents, being lazy, yes?__.
6.tis better to? (give/receive): ___absolutely giving. by giving you actually do receive__.
7.Im dreaming of a:___wintry blue___christmas.

sorry to use tutus twice. it is just too pretty to pass up again
xo anna

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