for the crazy tomboy spirit i present: those dancing days, i'll be yours
solid drumming great vocals from lovely swedish ladies
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1/13/12 january 13th, 2012
fancy friday dinner took place @ newport seafood & grill. yum.
1/14/12 saturday included a search & rescue for my lost phone.. still lost.
on the bright side, I found $2 oxfords w/ a low heel {from photo 2}, joined some thriftaholics,
got to see deadly murder {the play} from lakewood. $20 {for students} live acting with gunshots & fire?
boohyah. & later a deeeelish brownie from pied cow!
double yum. double boohyah. :)
i need to take more photos. disposables here I come

xx anna

ps. everyonce & awhile I post daily lyfe happenins, on days i feel especially blessed & want to share w/ the world.

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