band of horses, no ones gonna love you.. play me>>scroll 
but it was you who let everything into my heart and it was you who once again awoken my spirit.
-sigor ros (icelandic postrock band)
 empyrean noun em-puh-ree-uh n, em-pahy-ree- uh n, em-pir-ree-uh n
def: 1. the highest heaven, supposed by the ancients to contain the purest element of fire
2. the visible heavens; the firmament
 sources iloveyousomuch. snapshots123. snapshots4&5 belong to the wonderful aela labbe's.

winter 2011 : I appreciate...
little one runs to your car after school, light bouncy backpack & all // siblings who consider eachother // waking up to loud comforting sounds..reggae, familytalk, showers, coffee particularly //  fantastic family brunch.. cajun soul food from screen door .. during which unresolved issue was resolved. best feeling ever.


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chey: [shh,eye] said...

this is both beautiful, dreamy, and inspiring... a wonderful combination.

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