bon iver, skinny love. play me scroll

once established as a force within us, gratitude naturally begins radiating out toward others.
-Marti MacGibbon from portland women {jan/feb 2012 issue}

gratitude noun grat-i-tood, -tyood
def: the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful
ex: he expressed his gratitude to everyone on his staff.

1.this exquisite blog aches my heart; source: girl meets nyc. or just buy a photo!

2. discovred this new found gratitude for bon iver's album cover. seriously, wow.
for free - make it your desktop background now. &don't thank me - say thanks to the fox is black.

3. happy martin luther king.

xo, A.

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Sliver said...

All of these photos are beautiful! Yes I am interested. I don't see a button on here for you so I can put it on my blog. Maybe I'm missing something? If you want to, please respond with an e-mail on this comment or just comment me back on :) Thanks doll!

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